Welcome to Crunchy Motherhood Club!

I’m Jessica, founder of the Crunchy Motherhood community, and I’m so glad you’re here. CM is your complete guide to a healthy and informed motherhood.

Want to raise your baby the crunchy way but nervous about meeting their nutritional and development needs? You’re in the right place!


Find out how to plan a good diet for mother and baby, supplementation and nutritional needs in all life stages.


Learn how to control yourself and not commit the same mistakes again. Education based in understanding, love and affection, alongside with Montessori education for the perfect develop stimulation.


Take charge of your health and your baby’s! Learn about alternative medicines, how to use them and when to seek medical assistance.

Have you ever wished for an online homeschool platform?

Crunchy Motherhood is developing an online platform with homeschool curriculum based in Montessori education for everyone around the globe! Make sure you subscribe and/or contact if you wish to be a part of this amazing platform or simply to contribute!

What you’ll find:

  • Language courses basic to advanced;
  • Common school subjects 1st grade up to High school;
  • Alternative medicines;
  • Nutrition and sports nutrition;
  • Sewing and other crafty arts;
  • Programming, translation, writing;
  • And much more!

Let’s globalize homeschool and help thousands of families, especially those who cannot afford education!