10 Books Every Naturally-Minded Parent Should Read

10 Books Every Naturally-Minded Parent Should Read

One of the first things I did a lot during pregnancy and this first year as a mom was to read – a lot!

From the health care pregnancy book from Sweden to Vaccination is not immunization, I stepped in one area that is now my favorite – Homeopathy.

There are SO many books out there for homeopathy, besides gentle parenting, baby led weaning, vaccination information, and the list goes on and on. So I decided to put up a simple list combining 10 amazing books that changed my whole life and view of parenting. I believe the best tools when becoming a parent is to arm ourselves with information, it certainly doesn't hurt and may even open our minds to something new.

Here's my personal list:

"Vaccination is not Immunization" by Tim O’shea

Actually the first book (e-book) I got during my pregnancy, which opened my eyes and taught me so much. I am much better informed now and well confident with my choices. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Homeopathy for mommies

If you've been looking for an easy read and comprehensive materia Medica for your family, then this is a MUST. This book guides you through the basics of how to apply homoeopathy and the common first aid remedies for families.

"Materia medica" by Joette Calabrese

If perhaps you've been looking into learning more in-depth about homoeopathy, then this it the book. Besides, Joette has an amazing blog where she shares many protocols, and remedies for common acute ailments.

"The unvaccinated children: A guide for parents and caregivers"

By far my favorite book! This is a compilation of child diseases and their homeopathic remedies/protocols and much more! So if you are afraid of the diseases, but you don't want to vaccinate for obvious reasons or even if you DO vaccinate, this book is for YOU!

"First bites" by The Plant-based Juniors

When I first thought about my babies 6 months of life I was very relaxed since I finally established our breastfeeding routine, yet I knew sooner or later food would come into play, due this is book is a very basic guide, there isn't much more to know about, other than playing around with recipes and finding what works best for your family.  I personally do a mix of spoon-feeding and baby-led feeding, both because I know and see how well she eats by herself, but also because sometimes I eat poorly plus she plays around with food (which is totally normal!) and still get concerned about my milk nutrition values (due my blood results came absolutely amazing! I'll share my diet and supplements soon).

The Horrors of Vaccination: Exposed and Illustrated (History of Vaccination Book 14)

Seriously, one of the most comprehensive books I ever read and which clearly explains and proves the ugly truth we live in.

Complete Homeopathic Materia Medica at a Glance

"Positive Parenting” by Rebecca Eanes

“How Children Learn” by John Holt

The Banerji Protocols

From measles to cancer, this book has pretty much EVERYTHING you may ever need while living and dealing with in civilization. This book is the fruit of many experienced years, combining diseases protocols based on homeopathy.

What books have you come to read and find it to be absolutely a MUST, especially for new mothers?

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