Family cloth wipes: cons and pros

Family cloth wipes: cons and pros

Jumping into cloth diapering and cloth wipes can be intimidating, but don’t let it stop you!

As soon as you get started, you’ll definitely wonder why you hadn’t before. And they are so versatile, you can use cloth wipes for all the family (baby included). To clean your nose, to clean your kid's hands and much more!

 And no. They won't be dirty!

You have many ways to be sure they are clean and so many examples like mine that have been using for a long time. With no issues, for way longer time than me.

Why use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper?

  1. It's cheaper! For sure, you gonna safe tones of money using them instead;
  2. It's environmentally friendly. It is definitely better for our planet, fewer trees cut down, less pollution trying to recycle the paper;
  3. All your old clothes/sheets that would end up in a landfill can be reused to make cloth wipes. Saving your money instead of buying cloth wipes (even due it would still be cheaper than paper!);
  4. It's sustainable because you sooner or later will have more clothes/sheets or what so ever. That you otherwise would dump;
  5. They are gentle and softener on your skin, and especially that´s what we want for our kids since it can actually help prevent diaper rashes;

How to properly clean cloth wipes?

  1. You can usually toss them on your laundry machine with your regular cloth diaper load (if you cloth diapering);
  2. Once or twice a week you can soak them in vinegar and bicarbonate and toss on the laundry machine. – (where you can add a bit extra of vinegar along with some detergent;
  3. You can strip them/ bleach them and then do a normal laundry circuit; I've been using the same wipes for 1 year now. Now it's me and my daughter and none of us has had any infection, any disease or what so ever.

TIP: Ecover detergents with Nappy Fresh powder or Tuff tuff Tasmanian soap for stripping and eliminating stains.

Which are the cons of cloth wipes FOR REAL? 

  1. Icky feeling, you gotta step over this feeling, knowing that they WILL be clean and good to reuse;
  2. You will eventually forget you're using cloth and try to flush it down(in the beginning). And you WILL have to fish it out of the bowl…;
  3. Cross-contamination. If they are not properly cleaned – (with vinegar/bleach), it may happen (even due in 1 year it has never happened to me, neither to some others, I know of);
  4. There will be stains for sure. But honestly, in one year I've been cloth wiping I have barely seen any stains. And if you bleach then even fewer stains you'll see;

How to start with family cloth wipes? 

  1. You can start by using mainly for number one;
  2. You can bleach them if that makes you feel like they are completely clean;
  3. You can try for number two once you think you're ready to give it a try;
  4. You can use one wet and one dry, so you will definitely feel clean;

But how about guests, how am I suppose to invite people over? 

  1. You can explain and send them links about cloth wiping to make them understand why YOU are doing this;
  2. You can keep 1 or 2 rolls of toilet paper for guests. So you won't even have the necessity to explain neither tell that you cloth wiping;
  3. If you really trust them and feel like it, you can always explain and ask for them to bring some paper with them; Personally, I've had a couple of times my ex-mother in law (50 years old) over, and she knew we were cloth wiping. We even advised to bring some toilet paper, she didn't bring it, she tried, and she loved it! She loved the feeling of feeling cleaner than if it was paper. But well, my ex-MIL is super nice and chill so, I guess maybe I'm just lucky? (;

What are your thoughts about cloth wiping, have you tried? How do you clean them?

What other solution did you come with when having guests over? Share your experience in the comments below I'd love to know!

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Thank you for reading!

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