Pospartum depression and anxiety: Homeopathy, CBD and THC

Pospartum depression and anxiety: Homeopathy, CBD and THC

Between giving birth, taking care of a tiny human being and caring for yourself, it all weights too much on a mother. I know, it happen to me too!

Before giving birth I had my fair share of depression and anxiety, but like many women, these symptoms come up or intensify during the 4th trimester. In this post I will address some of the 3 best natural solutions to aid with depression and anxiety, such as homeopathy, CBD and THC.

Before that, here's how common doctor visits end up:

  • with a suggestion to stop breastfeeding because of the medication;
  • Telling you your baby is to blame (which of course, means you NEED to change of doctor ASAP);
  • Prescribes medication that can give you the exact same symptoms you're feeling (or worse) – suicide thoughts and many other health problems

Now, I know many women take anti-depressives, keep breastfeeding and feel like their self – thanks to those "magic" pills, but the reality is most of the times they can and will give you in the long run, terrible side effects, just like the one you're trying to fix- depression and/or anxiety.

Most of the times the root of depression and anxiety needs to be addressed instead of covered with pills and many find themselves unable to ever let go of these pills, even slowly – there's the side effect probably mixed with the root of the problem not properly addressed!

So, if these are not the best choices, than what?

I gave birth in one of the ways I never wanted to – induced, forced to be on my back, 1 week closed between 4 walls, epidural, etc.

These events mixed with my predisposition to be depressed came all along together with a lip tie and forced feeding to my daughter from the hospital, even though I was FULL of milk…

You can imagine how depressed, stressed and overwhelmed I was!

–  What I mean is, there is a solution for each case, and if yours is the doctor "magic" pills, than that's good!

Yet, if you believe natural is the way or that at least you should give it a try, then keep reading!

First, we are all different, and what works for me doesn't work for you, for example. Then we need to address each intensification of these symptoms – light, mild and unbearable with suicide thoughts and "worse".

Basic points:

  • Eat and rest as much as you can, even if you need to hire someone or to call a friend;
  • Take good vitamins (magnesium, B12, D, B-complex, iodine and iron) and if you can make use of some superfoods such as, maca and ashwagandha;
  • If you find yourself with an anxiety attack, where you feel uncontrollable, with suicide thoughts and such, call someone, place your baby in a safe place and take a minute to calm down;
  • Get out of the house! I can't ênfase this enough, you NEED to get out, you need fresh air, otherwise you will only get worse;
  • Drink water/coconut water and smoothies if you can – pack them with berries, superfoods, banana, mango, oats and tones of seeds;

Light depression/anxiety symptoms

Homeopathy can be a great option for a natural solution. Just as an amazing homeopath Joette Calabrese recommends:

– Sepia 200C and ignatia 200C – Sepia 200C every three days until much better and ignatia 200C twice a day as needed.

Mild depression/anxiety symptoms

The buzz surrounding CBD Oil is everywhere on the internet these days. No doubt you’ve heard something about it.

You’ve probably heard that it may help with insomnia, reduce inflammation, and reduces anxiety. Or that it’s nearly free of the psychoactive ingredient THC, making it completely different from marijuana.

This oil has no THC or maximum 0,02%, meaning it will not get you high.

From personal experience, I can tell you that CBD has helped me feel calmer and to think clear, specially now as a work-at-home mother caring full-time for my little one who walks everywhere!

But the most important thing I can teach you about CBD is that not all CBD is created equal.

Some of the CBD oils on the market use hemp farmed in China and Eastern European countries where it is farmed and manufactured with pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

See, hemp is what is called a “bio-accumulator” and it will soak up any toxins in the soil or farming processes. These toxins end up in the end product. So even if the manufacturer claims to not use harsh chemicals in manufacturing, the quality of the ground that it comes from will literally make the difference from poison to medicine.

For a product that is meant to reduce inflammation and improve health, starting with questionable CBD seems like a bad idea…

That’s why I’ve chosen to partner with Common Ground CBD, a company that grows, extracts, and bottles its CBD in Colorado from family farmed crop. Every step of the process is controlled and independently tested to be organic, pure and honest.

I’m picky about selecting a CBD supplier because I want to make sure I’m pointing you toward the best products on the market. That’s why I’m thrilled to have found Common Ground! If you wish to try their products make sure you get it for a MUCH LOWER price with my code CMClub10.

CBD is safe to use during pregnancy and lactation, it is also very good for your health and has no negative effects as per recent studies.

It has been proven to aid with depression symptoms including to suppress them completely. This happens because this particular strain helps in all your body, making you calmer and to think and see clear.

Severe depression/anxiety symptoms

Even though CBD has been an amazing product in my life, its still near as good as cannabis oil itself, with all its strains – yes, including THC!

THC is commonly known only for it's psico effect, yet it has so much more benefits, from cancer killer to cure severe depression and aid with epilepsy.

In my personal experience, it not only helped me get pregnant after 4 years dealing with PCOS but it also suppresses my death fear, suicide thoughts, terrible anxiety and panic attacks and finally, it makes me feel alive and to see the better side of my life.

Now, this doesn't mean you should smoke during pregnancy or lactation, even though studies have proven to have no negative effects on mom and baby if you do so. Check here and here for these studies made in Jamaica.

According to Dr. Allan Frankel, a renowned physician in Los Angeles, 25% of his patients microdose less than 3 mg of THC a day to combat depression. Unlike many doctors, Frankel practices what he preaches. He began taking cannabis in 1999 when he was found to have a viral infection of the heart.

He was given just six months to live and naturally, Frankel felt depressed. Within a year, his heart had returned to normal, and while the doctor can’t be sure that marijuana was the reason, he knows it helped his mental state. Seven years later, Frankel opened a cannabis medical practice, and today, he is keen to spread the ‘micro dosing weed’ word.

A 2014 study by researchers at Tennessee’s Vanderbilt University found that smoking marijuana reduces anxiety and depression, but only in small doses. Previous studies have linked cannabis to depression and schizophrenia, but this only occurs when extremely large doses are consumed.

| Even though the study was not directly related to microdosing weed, results showed that marijuana had the most impact when taken ‘lightly’.

Click here to read more about micro-dosing and how to properly use it for depression, anxiety and panic.

Have you used something else to aid with postpartum depression? What's your thoughts on cannabis for depression?

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