Supplements and vitamins for mother and baby

Supplements and vitamins for mother and baby

EVERYBODY turns into a dietitian when you talk about food and supplementation… For that reason and many more, I am sharing plant-based choices suggested by 3 different dietitians I saw with my preemie daughter!

Let's face it, not everyone can actually afford to see a nutritionist, I myself couldn't for a long time…

So that is the reason I am here, to help you make confident decisions. But if you're also questioning why would in the world, I be here giving you free information?

Simple: I know the mom guilt feeling when I can't do something for her… I also know what it is like to not be able to trust a doctor or to simply be called a hippie and walk away with even more questions. I also what know what it is like to try a million of products and all them were a waste of money.

I have studied on my own many areas from microbiology, homeopathy, immunology and others. I had pleasure doing so it wasn't like been in school you know?

One of my passions is to share with others what I learn and that of course, includes reliable dietitian information that I came across or learn with courses, studies, etc.

What should you supplement and how much is it needed starting at 6 months? First thing first, breastmilk first until one, food first after 1, and never forget the longer you breastfeed the better. If your baby is formula fed you can substitute for hemp, pea or organic soy milk when your little one turns one year old. If possible check your baby/child levels before supplementing.

Here's the list of the most important nutrients you should look for when feeding , vegan or not!

VITAMIN B12 (From 6 months, only earlier, according to a dietitian recommendation)

California Gold Vitamin – Baby/child dose: 1-4 drops. 1 drop =app 140 mcg (Use a dropper, not the spray) | Lactating mamma dose: 1 spray/ day

Nature's Bounty – Baby/child dose: 1-2 drops, as advised. 1 drop = 250 mcg

Bioceuticals CYANO-cobalamin: Lactating mamma dose: 2-4 drops/day

VITAMIN D (Given in days when exposing to sunlight on bare arms/legs is limited)

Nordic Naturals Vegan – Baby/Child dose: (if not deficient) = 4 drops (1 drop = 100 IU) Lactating mamma dose: 1-2 ml i.e. 20-40 drops per day

MyKind Organics Vegan: 1 spray (0.46 ml) = 1000 IU D3 1 drop = 100 IU Baby/child dose = 4 drops | Lactating mamma dose: 1-2 ml i.e. 20-40 drops per day

Mykind Organics Chewable tablets: Child dose: ¼ of a chewable tab (can crush and put in food for infants) 1 chewable tab = 2000IU D3) | Lactating mamma dose: 1-2 tabs /day)

OMEGA 3s DHA/EPA (from 6 months)

Nothing Fishy Here Plant-based spray: Child dose: 2 sprays (100 mg) | Lactating mamma dose: 4 sprays

Nordic naturals Vegetarian DHA spray

Iron (7 mg per day)

Iron is VERY important. Make sure you're providing a good iron source with high vitamin C foods for better absortion.

Wellements organic Iron drops: as per brand indication

BetterYou iron spray ( from 1-year-old): 1-2 sprays (each spray contains 5 mg of iron)

Multi-vitamin 1 year and up

BetterYou junior spray: 4 sprays daily = 14 nutrients (includes B complex, C and D)


Probiotic & Prebiotic Ora: One scoop = 20 billion probiotics and 6 strains that support optimal digestive health and peak immune function

St. Helia Super Vitamin D3: 1-2 drops. 1 drop = 1000 IU

MyKind Organics Prenatal: 1 pill per day

BetterYou multi-vitamin (D, B12, iodine): 4 sprays daily

A study from 2015 confirmed 6400 IU to be the perfect supplementation for mothers to satisfy their nursing infant’s requirement of vitamin D.

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