Sustainable clothing choices

Sustainable clothing choices

Why should you choose organic instead of big brands with cheap conventional cotton?

– Conventional cotton is grown with toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMO’s. It is as dangerous for the farmers and producers as it is for the consumer and the environment.

Many of these brands are handmade by slavery children, man and women!

  • These human beings have no health conditions, no access to a clean bathroom or one at all. Many work more than 8 hours and receive a miserable payment, living a poor life full of diseases with no health care.
  • Conventional cotton is full of chemicals that can cause a range of health concerns. (Such as headaches and nausea in a short-term to chronic impacts such as cancer and endocrine disruption)
  • The amount of water that is necessary for cotton may be the largest water user among agricultural crops!

Why should you choose to own a minimalist wardrobe?

If you’re a traveler or nomad, this is the perfect solution. As you get to keep your favorites and musts while still having what you may need in different weathers;

  1. Defining your style, definitely, this one gets me! I’ve been into many styles and never happy. Society makes us believe we need to be trendy and along with fashion, but we shouldn’t! We are amazing human beings. And each individual with its own personality so why not have your own style and not feel ashamed of it?;
  2. Caring less for what others think. Usually, society makes us feel not so pretty and with the need to stand into high standards, then again… we shouldn’t!
  3. Having less means you will actually buy only what you like. It will make you realize how much happier we can be with less, we the essential and nothing else. Buying less doesn’t mean you won’t have what to wear it actually will make you buy better. Besides even if your favorite outfit is in the laundry pile you know you won’t be taking to long to get ready as you will have a wardrobe that you love.

You can make a wardrobe where everything goes along with each piece you have. You can still have mid-season and winter clothes if where you live you need. I live most of my time in a Nordic country and I definitely have what to wear with no problem and it’s gonna be  -20ºc over here!

Get to know Slow Fashion

Means a good quality material, produced in a smaller scale with care, attention and fair wages for the workers who made them.

It means supporting smaller businesses while investing in a piece of clothing that is good quality.

Often eco-friendly materials, excellent sewing work, and great fit. So now that we discussed some reasons why you should make a switch for better clothing material. And why choosing to have a minimalist wardrobe.

Here’s a simple list for how to declute and know how much you need.

  • Count how many pieces of each you actually wear and absolutely like when wearing it;
  • Take out EVERYTHING you have and start choosing. This will allow you to know how much of clothes you actually wear deferring them from those you never even touch;
  • Make a list and even add something you know you would wear. Something you can even wear if you get pregnant, like a dress or stretchy jumpsuit as an example;
  • Now with your list take out ANYTHING you see you don’t LOVE. Something it’s NOT YOUR STYLE but you still wear. Just because someone offered or you spend a lot $$ on it and put them all in a donation or selling pile;

Now that you got rid of the unnecessary, but still know how much you actually wear and need, we can move forward.


(You can find more eco stores at the end of the post if the examples I gave are not much your style)


INDIGO LUNA is ethically made eco-conscious Yoga & Swimwear.

Their Organic Bamboo tops are dyed using 100% plant-based dyes, creating no synthetic runoff or waste. Recently they introduced a new Samsara range of leggings and swimwear. Created from Italian Recycled ECONYL, material harvested from old and discarded fishing nets.

SHOP Indigo Luna


As a sustainable clothing brand, Soul Flower carries eco-friendly clothing items. Many of which contain organic cotton, recycled fibers, and hemp. They are a green office certified through the Greenline Paper Co. Meaning they use energy wisely, they recycle and use recycled products. They print their wholesale catalogues using soy-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Inclusive they only use low-impact inks, citrus solvents for clean-up. They print in small batches for less waste and reuse paper, boxes and envelopes, as well as all packing materials they receive.

SHOP Soul Flower


This brand uses natural fibers for their products that are a blend of Organic Cotton/Lyrica, Cotton/Lycra, or Bamboo/ Cotton/ Lycra. The product’s design is hand cut to order and made with love in Vancouver by a collective community who lives there.

SHOP Down Town Betty


Dedicated is a sustainable streetwear brand which only uses organic and fair-trade cotton on their products. They also incorporated a line of swimwear and jackets made of recycled PET-bottles!

SHOP Dedicated Brand


Ecoalf is a brand present on the Upcycling the Ocean project. They use plastic bottles, recycled cotton, recycled fishing nets, tyres, coffee grounds and PrimaLoft silver insulation for their products.

SHOP Ecoalf


A brand that uses organic cotton, Lenzing ecovero, recycled plastic, organic linen and Tencel lyocell. But also organic wool so ATTENTION as if your also a vegan like me and don’t finance wool products.

SHOP Armendgels


Their products are 100% organic cotton denim. They offer free repair service, resell second-hand products, recycle worn products and are fair-trade.

SHOP Nudiejeans


Z shoes buy their materials at a fair wage from the communities. But, they also return $5 of each sale back to developing the infrastructure of the communities. Investing in health care and education systems for those tribes. The materials they use are organic cotton and wild rubber.



Nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand. It proposes a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect for the environment. The materials used are recycled airbag, pineapple leaf fibers, recycled plastic bottles, ecological microfibers with OEKO-TEX  and of course with 100% Portuguese sustainable cork.

SHOP Nae-Vegan



Find more vegan and sustainable shoes here!

Find thousands of vegan products from clothing to shoes and accessories here!

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